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Shipping Policy

  • Usually once the preorder ends, the doll will be send in about 3-5 months. It is the production's time of the factory. I'll let you know in each preorder. Please, keep in mind I can't control that.

  • Make sure the shipping address is correct.  

  • The dolls we have "In Stock" are ready to send in 2-4 days. BUT if they are in need of a Faceup it could take a few extra days. Send a mail to if you want to know how long could it take :)

  • The doll will only be sent once it is fully paid. Without exception. 

  • They will be sent by Registered mail. If you want a different way of shipping, please contact me before you place your order.* 

    • USA and Canada tracking numbers aren't working. We recommend Assured option.

  • Little Cosmos is NOT responsible for any doll damage or loss. When we do a shipment we make sure the doll is in perfect condition and we ship with the best possible protection.

Payment Options

We accept payments through Paypal and Credit Card (this last option only through the website).

Full payment:
~One payment~

For example, let's say you want to adopt ATLAS in CHOCOLATE skin, you'd have to make one payment of 360€ + shipping

Layaway payment:
~Three installments~

First of all you'll need to send an email to

a) Complete name

b) Address (so I can calculate the shipping)

c) Name of the doll + skin tone + faceup (optional)

d) Your paypal address

For example, let's say you want to adopt

ROBIN vII and you are form France:

ROBIN in TEA skin without faceup is 360€, shipping to France is 18€. So, 126€ each month*


*You'll received an invoice with the remained amount you need to pay in no more than 3 days, or the order will be cancelled, no money paid returned.

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