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    Nature: Camille comes from Baree so she has a huge mind and she also gets angry easily. But don't be afraid, she has a huge soul inside her small body. 

    The Universal War left too many orphan but the Qhamians could not take care of all of them and send Camille to the Earth. While travelling she though about learning more about the new planet she would go to. But she made an small mistake. She though people on Earth was as small as the pictures she saw at those books, and now she is 21,5cm... oops!

    She is here and she's waiting for parents and some love.
    Appearance: humanoid.


    • Doll (faceup is an option, made by Sandra from Little Cosmos dolls*, me)
    • Extra hands (Cutie and Karate)
    • Skin: Saffron or Tea 
    • 8mm eyes
    • Cushion
    • Small doll for Camille
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Box


    *Please, keep in mind that faceup option can add a few days of waiting, due to the weather. Thank you :) 

    She is a collection doll, not a toy. Treat with care and love.

    【Camille】Birdie Size

    320,00 €Price
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