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    USA customers:  Please note that if you want your order to be Insured, mark it as such at the payment page, thank you :)


    As always layaway available:  

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    Nature: Thanks to their small size they easily slipped into baskets, bags and pockets. And in this way they got the sustenance that their tiny body asked for. In short, the Nan were known to be unsullied petty thieves.


    Appearance: diminute humanoid.

    You can read her full story here 


    • Doll (faceup is an option +35€ , made by Sandra from Little Cosmos dolls*, me)
    • Skin: Quartz  or Saffron skin 
    • Free 6mm eyes
    • Cushion 
    • Small doll for Mila
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Original Box


    *Please, keep in mind that faceup option can add a few days of waiting, due to the weather. Thank you :) 


    She is a collection doll, not a toy. Treat with care and love.

    【Mila】Nan Size

    PriceFrom 260,00 €
    Tax Included
    • Please contact us at before adopt if you want a layaway :)

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