• Nature: after the war, Vanhu disappeared. It was furthest from Qham, however, was looted and destroyed.
    Without any chance of surviving on the planet, the vanhusians sent capsules to Qham loaded with their children, hoping that they could see the dawn one more time. Atlas is one of those younglings, and his mission is to wake up every day and enjoy it to the fullest.
    Appearance: humanoid with little elfish like ears.


    • Doll (without faceup)
    • Eyes 14mm (random color)
    • Cushion
    • Little rabbit
    • Certificate of Authenticity
    • Box

    More photos of Atlas here!

    If you have ANY question please contact me at littlecosmosdolls@gmail.com

    Please, keep in mind he is a collection doll, not a toy. Treat him with care and love.

    【Atlas】Fantasia Body

    PriceFrom 360,00 €
    Tax Included
    Skin Color
    • Please contact us at littlecosmosdolls@gmail.com before adopt if you want a layaway :)

    • -Height: 29cm
      -Head: 18cm | Wig: 6-7 (stretch) or 7-8 ​(w/ plastic wigcap)
      -Eyes: 14mm
      -Neck circumference: 6cm
      -Shoulder width: 6cm
      -Chest circumference: 13,2cm
      -Waist circumference: 11cm
      -Hip circumference: 14,5cm
      -Leg (hip to foot): 12cm
      -Arm: 8,5cm
      -Feet: 3,5cm long - 1,5cm wide
      -Skin tone: Chocolate skin or Light Blue skin