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"Let me tell you a story.

Far, far away from here, on a distant planet, a greedy king wanted to seize the wealth of the universe..."

<<Extraterrestrial dolls looking for parents>>


Thank you!


Chocolate filled doughnuts with powdered sugar made out of clay

Hello there! The first entry of this blog is dedicated to the "Chocolate filled doughnuts with powdered sugar." I love this kind of doughnut. 
Fortunately this mini doughnut does not have calories so we can make as many as we want <3


Help! How do I fix my doll's eyes?

We prepared a few videos were you can learn how to change or fix your Little Cosmos doll's eyes, how to change its hands...

Also you'll see why there is a metal hook inside your doll's head <3

short bob brunette_JD256_SM4.jpg


Past Events

10th JUN'23 - Dolly Day Gold Edition in Barcelona

2nd FEB'20 - Doll Show Thailand in Bangkok

19th JUN'19 - Dolly Day Purple Edition in Barcelona

27-28 OCT'18 - LDoll Festival in Lyon

2nd JUN'18 - Dolly Day Blue Edition in Barcelona

3rd JUN'17 - Dolly Day Green Edition in Barcelona

29-30 OCT'16 LDoll Festival in Lyon

4th JUN'16 Dolly Day Pink Edition in Barcelona

26th MAR'16 Hanami in Barcelona

4th JUL'15 Dolls&Party in Barcelona

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