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Frequently Asked Questions

Hi there! Here you'll find the most usual questions I receive. I hope you find here your answer! If not, don't hesitate and ask me directly!

Maybe this new question must be included!

After the preorder end when the doll will be send? 

You can find this info at Shipping&Payment options! :)

The doll I want isn't available at the shop

During the year I open at least a preorder for each doll. 

Once this time of the year arrives you must order it and wait a few until the doll is ready to be sent.

Can I ask for a faceup doll?

Yes, if the faceup is available during the preorder. 

You'll find it as an option while buying the doll.

Can I pay in yens, dollars, etc.?

No, sorry. We only accept Euros.

Can I pay in different installments?

Yes, of course. You can find this info at Shipping&Payment options! :)

If I can't pay the next installment during a layaway. Can you return the deposit?

No, sorry. Once a preorder is closed we can not return the money. 

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes, we do!

But also you can follow us on instagram or facebook and get updated :)

What happens if an order exceeds 400€?

If so, for tax reasons, I need to ask for your identification number. If you don't feel comfortable providing it, my recommendation is to split the order in two, in case you want to buy 2 dolls.

If that's not the case, please contact me via email at

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