Planet: Zhen
Capsule: #3
​DoB: OCT'16 (v. I unncontinued)

APR'17 (v. II currently)


  • Doll 

  • Eyes 14mm (random color)

  • Cushion

  • Little rabbit doll

  • Certificate of Authenticity

  • Box 

About Bastian: 

  • Nature: she comes from Zhen so Bastian has a peaceful soul and a huge mind. The Universal War left too many orphan but the Qhamians could not take care of all of them and send Bastian to the Earth. She's waiting for parents and some love.

  • Appearance: humanoid.


  • Height: 35cm 

  • Head: 6-7 (stretch)| 7-8 wig ​

  • Eyes: 12-14mm 

  • Neck circumference: 6,3cm 

  • Shoulder width: 7cm 

  • Bust circumference: 12,5cm 

  • Waist circumference: 12,5cm 

  • Hip circumference: 16cm 

  • Leg (hip to foot): 16,5cm 

  • Arm: 10,5cm 

  • Feet: 4,2cm long - 1,9cm wide

*wigs in pictures are 6-7 and 7-8 size with wigcap.

Body: Bastian is on Basic Girl Body. There are two Basic bodies: Girl and Boy. 

Clothes: they can wear Yosd clothes. But keep in mind they are longer. 

Perfect fit:

Narsha Clothes (Dollmore)

K.I.D size (Iplehouse)



Underthefern's pictures


Saffron Skin

Tea Skin

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Sandra is the human sculptor behind it in a small studio based in Barcelona.

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