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Hi, I'm Sandra Lócre and I was born in Barcelona, Spain.

After finishing my Advertising degree I began my studies in Illustration and while doing it I made a Porcelain doll course.

I saw it as an opportunity to translate my drawings into real and touchable beings. 

Currently I sculpt ball jointed dolls, but also other kind of dolls, like art toys. And of course I also draw paper dolls :)


From the boxes to the dolls, everything has been designed by me.
And I'm the one who handles the creation, photography, billing, social media, packaging, and mailing.  

why the name little cosmos?


It was originally a word used by the ancient Greeks to designate the totality of existence. The term cosmos also denotes order and organization, since the universe is seen as an ordered or harmonious system; antithesis of chaos, characterized by imbalance or disorder.

So a small/little cosmos would be like that haven of peace and order that we all seek to have, to feel at peace and calm.

Each doll has its own story about why they needed to leave they planet. 

<<Extraterrestrial dolls looking for parents>>

~English is not my first language, so maybe there are some grammar mistakes or typos... Sorry beforehand~

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Design: Vforviu

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