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Are you a little confused about layaway option or how much time you need to wait after we close a preorder?

"Let me tell you a story.

Far, far away from here, on a distant planet, a greedy king wanted to seize the wealth of the universe..."

<<Extraterrestrial dolls looking for parents>>



Chocolate filled doughnuts with powdered sugar made out of clay

Hello there! The first entry of this blog is dedicated to the "Chocolate filled doughnuts with powdered sugar." I love this kind of doughnut. 
Fortunately this mini doughnut does not have calories so we can make as many as we want <3

Help! How do I fix my doll's eyes?

We prepared a few videos were you can learn how to change or fix your Little Cosmos doll's eyes, how to change its hands...

Also you'll see why there is a metal hook inside your doll's head <3


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Past Events

2nd FEB'20 - Doll Show Thailand in Bangkok

19th JUN'19 - Dolly Day Purple Edition in Barcelona

27-28 OCT'18 - LDoll Festival in Lyon

2nd JUN'18 - Dolly Day Blue Edition in Barcelona

3rd JUN'17 - Dolly Day Green Edition in Barcelona

29-30 OCT'16 LDoll Festival in Lyon

4th JUN'16 Dolly Day Pink Edition in Barcelona

26th MAR'16 Hanami in Barcelona

4th JUL'15 Dolls&Party in Barcelona

Due to actual situation there will be no events in 2021

Little Cosmos dolls is an idea that came to live in 2015.

Sandra is the human sculptor behind it in a small studio based in Barcelona.

Change hands, eyes, etc

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